75mm Collages

These are the first two of a number of small collages I’ve been working on recently. They are each approximately 75mm square and are made on Khadi handmade paper. Despite appearing fairly simple these have actually been quite difficult to get right due mainly I think to their scale. However, I’m very happy with their immediacy and their impact – I’ll share more of these soon…



Roadside Snack Vans

I’m not sure why but I happen to be fascinated by roadsides! On a recent drive out, I took this picture of Paula and her ‘PJ’s’ snack van, which you can find on the A148 on the way to Holt from Fakenham. Paula was lovely when I asked her if I could take a photo (so a huge thanks to her), and I’m very pleased with the results. I will definitely be taking more of these, I think…

PJ's A148

Paula PJ's A148